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Need Funding For Your Business?

Merchant Cash Advance is a type of funding that is not a loan. It is a purchase of a fixed dollar amount of a business’s future credit and debit card receivables. The Merchant Cash Advance provider purchases a specified dollar amount of your business’ future debit and credit card sales at a discount.

Is A Cash Advance Right For You?

This Would Be A Great Option If…

  • You do not qualify for a traditional loan from your bank– no matter the reason
  • You want to expand your business, stock up on inventory, cover payroll, increase advertising, etc. The cash is yours to use as needed
  • You need access to cash easily and within 24-48 hours
  • If you have little or no collateral, limited business history, or a poor credit rating

Robinwood Capital has helped many businesses all over the country gain access to growth capital to take their organizations to the next level. We hope to see if we can do the same for you!


Robinwood Capital was founded in 2013 with the intentions of helping local businesses save as much money as possible on their credit card processing fees. As business progressed, our merchants began inquiring about other financial services to help their businesses grow. Some merchants needed to increase their inventory, some wanted better equipment and others simply wanted to expand. Regardless of our client’s individual needs, they all had one thing in common; each were ready to take their business to the next level and wanted our help to do so.

“This is when we realized just how many people we had the power and potential to help.”

Robinwood Capital specializes in providing access to a variety of diverse working capital solutions and funding opportunities that are sure to be a tailored fit for business owners and the nature of their business.We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients by providing honest, transparent and unparalleled services through industry experience and a passion to not only meet, but exceed expectations. See what some of our past clients have to say about their experience with Robinwood Capital here.